Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Software is a widely used term for the various kinds of programs to computers and related devices. The programs and instructions which direct a computer can be generally termed as software. A Software Service is a special service which can be accessed by the consumer only through a piece of software. This software serves as the intermediate between the consumer and the software service.
Different software services includes:-
Network Programming
GIS Application Development
Mobile Applications
Web Application Development
Embedded Systems
Custom Software Development

Network programming can be considered as the set of programs that needed to be broadcasted on a network.
GIS Application Development (Geographic Information Systems) are tools used to collect, transform, manipulate, analyze, and produce information related to the surface of the Earth. This data can be in the form of maps, 3D models, tables, and/or lists.
Mobile Applications is a term used to describe the internet applications which run on different mobile devices
Web Application Development involves whole or some parts of the software that are downloaded from the Web . Applications includes custom database driven program and common features available on the web such as retail sites, discussion boards, Web mail, Web logs, and other interactive sites.
Embedded Systems is a single-purpose computer that is built into a larger system for the purposes of controlling and monitoring the system.
Custom Software Development can be considered as a solution for meeting customers requirements ands preferences.


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