Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Custom software development also known as custom software engineering , can be simply defined as avoiding predefined solutions.To meet the specific requirements and preferences of cutomers,it can be achieved by custom software development.Its goal should be unique.Software development service is a stage by stage process which considers all hidden dangers as well as nuissance that can occur.Most of the software development company have a wide experience in custom and database programming,software engineering services,distributed websites ,web application development etc. Software development is the act of working to produce/create software.
Benefits includes:-
· Streamlined operations- software fits businesss process.
· Less Training costs-bcoz workflow of software matches workflow of business
· Business needs changes with custom software
· Overtime in business can also leads to custom software

· Projects can be costly
· Unique risks
· Time requirement is more

In short,no web software development is ever free from complications.A software web design is an expensive project in which a predefined solution will not be able to meet all the cutomers requirement as wellas a customized solutions


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